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Monday, August 13, 2012

Open Letter to Pinterest

Dear Pinterest,
First of all, thank you for finally sending me an invitation to your super-exclusive website! I love flashbacks to high school, waiting to be invited to prom. Secondly, thank you for the hours of brainless entertainment you have provided me with. Seriously, I think my head almost exploded with excitement the first time I figured out how to create my own boards. And the pins! All of the pins. I've got stuff for the kids, recipes, pictures of Ryan Gosling saying "hey girl." The fun never ends. Thank you for the giant time waster you are, Pinterest, because my hubby's gone a lot, I've got 2 little kids, and goodness knows I can waste some time!

But, let's be real for a bit here, Pinterest. I'm not going to make DIY vintage inspired onesies for New Baby. I'm just not. Nor am I going to decoupage my kids their very own tea set. Also? When people say decoupage I'm not really sure what they mean. And when I see all these pins of ordinary moms doing this super fancy crafty stuff I start to feel like a loser mom. And then when I read about people making DIY finger paint, and then actually using said DIY finger paints without losing their minds or ruining their house, I start to really feel inferior. And I'm not sure I need a website to do that, you know?

And here's my second beef with you, Pinterest. I can't stand the health and fitness section anymore. Like a bad relationship, it started out great with the helpful suggestions on how to breathe when running, and simple ab exercises to do when watching TV (not that I do them. But for sure they're pinned.). But then the more I browsed that section, the more it felt like fodder for bad body image. I don't need to see a 90 lb girl standing around in a sports bra with a caption that says "inspiration" or "motivation." And when I see super cute teenage girls that I know pinning these posters, I start to feel sad. And also bad about myself. Again, not sure I need a website to do that.

So, pinterest, it seems you and I have a love/hate relationship. Because as much as you drive me nuts, I am totally in love with some of the tasty nuggets (literally) that I've found. Like Reese's Peanut Butter Banana bread (yes, this is a thing!). Also, 3 magic words: cake. batter. truffles. Which is maybe why I don't look like the skinny chicks on your fitness section.

See you soon, love.