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Thursday, May 30, 2013


I'll be the first to admit that I was not excited to turn thirty last year. In my eyes, the exciting part of life was over and all that was left was waiting around to hit 63 and collect retirement. I'm happy to admit that I could not have been more wrong! I am loving being in my thirties. I've made a lot of changes since my twenties. I read the book 7 by Jen Hatmaker, which punched me in the face, and then Radical, by David Platt, that finished me off with a swift kick in the knees. I highly, highly recommend both books if you've never read them. They made me realized that I was living a shallow, self-centered life instead of a people-loving, Christ-glorifying life. Not that I've got it all figured out now, but I have loved everything I've learned this year and the process of trying to apply it. I also became a certified personal training and am taking steps to work as a fitness professional. So it's been a busy year!

I am loving the phase that my kids are in too. Well, I suppose as much as anyone could love the 2 and 4 year old phase. It turned out pretty well that they were both girls (so, public, you can stop asking me if I wish I would have had a boy. Can we agree that it's bad form to comment on the children you wish you had while in front of the children you do have?) because they are both into the same thing. Generally, they play decently well together, thus allowing me to do wild and crazy things such as take a shower or clean my house. Just today, we went to the pool for a bit, and they were both able to meander independently instead of taking turns trying to drown like last year.

So the thirties are pretty fantastic! Except for a few little things that I haven't quite figured out. I'm hoping someone can offer some help with the following:

1. My skin
I was looking at a picture of me and Captain Destructo when I realized I was rocking some serious crows' feet. And smile lines. I will admit that I spent most of high school channeling my inner Daria (you will only get that reference if you are also in your thirties!) and scowling, which explains the wrinkles. So is now the time to get wrinkle cream? Because I also still have acne. Acne that is not quite as bad as pregnant me, but still too bad to go untreated. So do I also need Clearasil? Shouldn't you stop buying that when you graduate high school? What to do? Why is my skin like 3 different ages on one face?

2. Clothing selection
Here's the good thing about becoming a trainer: I can get away with workout clothes most of the time. I will also smell like a locker room most of the time, but that's a far trade off in my opinion. But what to wear the rest of the time? Can I pull off skinny jeans? Is there an age limit on these? And then what about the tops? Are tank tops in the summer ok or not ok? What about shorts? These are the questions that follow me as I wander through Old Navy. Which is why I go home, put the yoga pants back on and call it a day. But clothes, as confusing as they are, don't boggle my mind as much as...

3. Bathing suits
Bathing suits are enough to traumatize a woman of any age, but at thirty, I am starting to feel like I should question the appropriateness of certain suits. The main concern I have is this: what is the age limit on the bikini? I know Helen Mirren rocked one at 60 or whatever, but is it ok for the average woman in her thirties to wear a bikini? And if the answer is yes, are there restrictions? I own 2 suits: one bikini and one tank suit. Whenever I wear the tank to the pool, I feel like other women my age are in bikinis and I look like a school marm. When I wear the bikini (like today), I feel like the other women are in tank suits and I look like a hussy. I like the idea of the tankini, but I tend to look short and stumpy in them. So bikinis? Yay or nay? Discuss.

Like I said, in general I love, love the thirties. The insecurities and uncertainties on the twenties are over. I'm told forties are great, too, but I'm in no way emotionally prepared to think about that.

What are your thoughts? Should your style and skincare routine change in your thirties? Are you loving the thirties too?


  1. Totally have the same delimas as you ( except the acne.. Have no advice there), but I totally love the thirties too! I am more confident to make decisions for me and my kids without caring so much what others think, my husband and I enter the double digits in years of marriage this year and I have stronger arms than ever in my life (thanks to two growing toddling boys)! It is reassuring to have God show me kindly areas where I need to improve, but also feel him gently lead this momma. Oh and FYI, I have totally embraced the skirt swimsuit and also use age defying skin lotions. Here's to our decade! :)

  2. Thanks friend! We sure miss you! I will have to check out the skirt swimsuit :)

  3. So both of those books changed my life this year too. (Uh obviously since the lady who made her husband get a vasectomy when her daughter was only 6 months old b/c she was never having another child - is NOW adopting. Hmmm.) And about the swimsuits. I, too, own a swimdress/skirt. LOVE it. But, I also have a tankini and a bikini. Have not officially worn the bikini out in public yet. Waiting for a little more confidence on that one! ;) Skin - yes start creams now. Do I? No...b/c I have no money b/c we are adopting. If I had money, then yes, I would do the skin creams/peels/etc.

    Jenny R

  4. Yes, when I read 7 I was like "quick! Sell all our stuff and let's adopt a village of orphans!" It's not the right time for us to adopt but there have been a lot of changes. Have you read Kisses from Katie? That's an awesome book too. Also, someone told me to buy SkinCeuticals cream but it is like $150 a bottle! I am rocking Neutragena for now.