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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Pink's His Favorite Color

So I've accepted that my daughter is bald. She was born with some dark hair, but it all fell out (I don't know when though, I didn't notice baby hairs in her bed or anything, but I also didn't notice my 40 extra pounds, so I'm not a great judge). By six months she was a total cue ball, but now, at one, she's got a little hair. No ponytails by any means but I can't see her scalp anymore. I was so excited to have a little girl and I dress her in pink/purple/other girly color all the time, so it infuriates me to no end when people call her a boy. Here is one conversation I had with an old guy at a car lot:

Old Guy: Hi handsome! What's your name>
Me: Very girly name.
Old Guy: (looks briefly confused, then embarassed) Oh, I thought for sure she was a boy. I guess I should have noticed the pink.
Me: (smiles uncomfortably)

and another conversation with an old lady at Wal Mart:

Old Lady: Hi big boy! What are you eating there? (Captain Destructo is covered in graham cracker shmutz) How old is he?
Me: She just turned one.
Old Lady: Oh, I thought she was a boy! She is in pink though (as I walk away, to check out lady) I thought for sure that was a boy!

I even sucked it up and put her in big, obnoxious bows, which did help in curbing the "what a cute little boy" statements. Now she's older and has learned that she doesn't have to wear big, obnoxious bows if she doesn't want to, so she pulls them down and lets them hang around her neck like a bowtie. I feel that a bowtie would only exacerbate the problem so she is bow-less. I could pierce her ears, but don't get my started on the ridiculousness of baby ear piercing (if you are offended by this, I'm sorry, but it's my blog. You can start your own on the virtues of baby ear piercing). Even if I didn't think it was totally tacky, I cry every time she gets her shots so I don't think I could deal with inflicting unnecessary pain. And that's just one more thing I'd have to worry about keeping clean-I've got enough to worry about, like whether or not anyone is going to notice the rugburn on her cheek (I thought rugburn on the face only happened in college!).

Moral of the story: if you don't know the gender, just say "what a cute baby." And, for goodness sake, if the baby is in pink IT'S A GIRL.


  1. Totally agree on the ear piercing! For the record, I think she's very girlie looking. Don't even get me started on circumcision.

  2. God people are so dumb! Yeah I wouldn't feel comfortable piercing a toddler either! Make it their own decision when they are older!

  3. hahahahahahaha! Kristen you are so flippin' hilarious and spot on! Geez, I had this happen so many times with Q even though she was VERY CLEARLY in a very pink outfit complete with flowers and other girly touches. It's like people are so mesmerized by the baby face they block out all other qualifiers. Geez. And.... about the ear piercing- I am so with you on this one.