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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

To Conceive or Not to Conceive, That is the Question.

I think it's normal for every mom of a one year old to look back and reflect over the year that's passed. For me, I've been looking at my walking, talking little girl and realizing that she's not a baby anymore! I'm afraid I've also been bitten by the baby bug. This may sound exciting, but let me take you on a little trip back in time and introduce you to Trying to Conceive Me.

Trying to Conceive Me is completely insane. I scheduled my ovulation times into my husband's Blackberry (Bing! You're about to get lucky!). I could tell you my basal body temperature and the state of my cervical mucus at any given time, and if you asked me the date I answered in days past ovulation. Add to that the Clomid/Provera hormone cocktail I was prescribed to get things going, and you get one hot mess.

I am trying to keep her under wraps, but Trying to Conceive Me is fighting her way back. I've started to get jealous of pregnant women again, the first sign that she is emerging. I heard yesterday that Pregnant Man is knocked up again, and I yelled at the TV "are you freaking kidding me? A man can get pregnant three times and I'm not?!"

Of course, I am trying to remind Trying to Conceive Me of the reasons it's good to be non-pregnant. One being, I turn into a giant moose when I'm pregnant. Seriously, it's surprising that Captain Destructo didn't come out shaped like a loaf of bread because I probably ate one everyday for 9 months. You think I'm joking? Here is pregnant me above. And that was like, 23 weeks. There are no pictures beyond that because my camera doesn't zoom out that far. There's also the constant worry about the baby, the need to pee every 20 seconds, and, well, you know. The production of an actual newborn. And while babies and children are wonderful, having a newborn is kind of a thankless job. They pretty much eat (nonstop), sleep (in 10 minute intervals), and perform bodily functions on your clothes, without so much as a smile. Trying to Conceive Me would like to add that newborns grow into babies you love more than your life, which makes the newborn phase seem worthwhile, but it's still a long 3 months.

But who wouldn't want another one of these?


  1. I was wondering how long it would take the baby bug to get ya! :)
    Have another. It's great having them close together. Honestly.
    And, by the way, I think you were one of the cutest pregnant mamas I've ever seen. Seriously.

  2. I would say I feel sorry for you, but if you recall... YOU WERE THE ONE THAT GAVE ME THE BABY BUG for baby #2. Before you announced you were pregnant I thought for sure we'd be a one baby family. Then you told me you were pregnant and all of the sudden out she came! I wanted to bite you I was so jealous. Freaky. It was a VERY long 9 months trying to get pregnant with Wyatt :P

  3. Well, you know you can get pregnant, so I say you just enjoy trying instead of stressing and when the time is right it will happen for you.