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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Toddler Dictionary

Captain Destructo is about to turn 2, and has accrued quite a vocabulary over the past 2 years. Here are some her many words and translations.

Shooker, Melmo, and Bee Bird (n
): 3 characters on the popular children's TV series Sesame Street. One is blue and occasionally dresses as a superhero, one is red and furry, and one is large, yellow, and a little effeminate.

Keys (n): Dairy product that tops pizza. Most desirable in string form. Also what you yell when someone takes your picture.

Yook (v): What you use your eyes to do. Must be yelled approximately 20,000 times a day, as in "Mama, yook!"

Papple (n): Native fruit of Hawaii. When found in plastic kitchen set form, is oddly green.

Weedabook (v): Processing of sounding out letters and words out loud. Also must be yelled a high number of times a day while shoving a book into Mama's face: "Mama, weedabook!"

Want, too, free (n): How you count toys, books, highway signs, food products, etc. Counting begins with want and ends with "...ten, yeven!"

Moosie (n): The DVD that Mama pops in so she can (a) shower, or (b) check Facebook. Elmo moosies are the most popular.

Holju (v): Command given to Mama when you want to be picked up. Usually yelled, as in "Mama holju!"

No: Most important word in all vocabulary. Used to express feelings about eating, taking a nap, going outside, going inside, taking a bath, and stopping whatever dangerous activity is currently going on.

Wuvoo (v): Phrase to express how you feel about Mama and Daddy. High on the list of my favorite words, especially when followed by a big slobbery kiss.


  1. Love your dictionary... Mine has a few more words/phrases that I enjoy trying to explain to others.

    HEE MEE: What my child wants me to do: "Hold me"

    Kickin fen fy dir toy: Chicken nugget happy mean w/ a girl toy. "Chicken french fry and girl toy"

    Bicky: blanket that she has claimed as hers and has made us call her Linus. Bicky goes EVERYWHERE she goes.

    Thanks for your awesome blog!