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Thursday, February 3, 2011

I've Created a (Cookie) Monster

(Sorry for the language in the picture, it was just too funny not to post!)

When Captain Destructo was born, as in most areas of her life, I had high hopes for her nutrition. Breastmilk only for 6 months, homemade fruit and vegetables purees after that, and then well-balanced, healthy meals from then on out. When she was 2 weeks old and I started supplementing with formula, I realized that my master plan may be going out the window. By 6 months, I was pureeing up a storm and still clinging to some hope that she would remain junk food-free. But yesterday, I was hit hard with the realization that my kid is a junk food eating, sugar loving freak like the rest of America. Let me back up a bit.

Many, many people have told me how well candy works for potty training. I am at the point now where I don't even think I care if she goes on the potty or not. I am having a baby in less than a month and really don't feel like shuttling a newborn to the potty every 30 seconds. However, I would love it if she would at least sit on the (brand-new, $30) potty so I'm not starting completely from scratch in a few months. So, genius mommy that I am, decided that I would give her candy for sitting on the potty, hoping to catch her at the right time and she would make the connection that going on the potty is awesome, diapers are for suckers, and Bob's your uncle, she's potty trained!

Well, as you may have suspected, things haven't gone as planned. Captain D. yells "sit on potty, get candy!," runs to the potty, demands that I take off her diaper, sits and says "tinkle tinkle," and then runs to the cupboard and yells "candy!" It's first class parenting at it's best. At her 2 year check up I was explaining the candy method to my pediatrician and her eyes widened a bit. "Maybe use stickers instead?" she suggested in a way that made me think she'd be calling CPS shortly after I left.

Fast forward to yesterday. I was lamenting to the husband about the pediatrician/potty training story and said "I don't think one piece of candy every day is a big deal."
"Is that really all she has in a day?" he said.
"Of course!" I replied, offended. And then I started thinking.
There was the scone from Starbucks yesterday. There was the cookie from the grocery store. There was the tube of icing that I caught her squirting into her mouth yesterday morning.

Oops. My kid is a sugar freak. Hopefully they make dentures for 2 year olds.

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