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Monday, May 16, 2011

Your Shoes Look Stupid and You Tick Me Off

Dear Skechers Shape-Ups Makers,

Howdy. How's it going? You have been on the news lately and I have a few things to tell ya.
First off, let's just get one thing out of the way. Your shoes might be the ugliest things to happen to feet since Crocs (yes, I know, Crocs are sooo comfortable). I have to admit you had your work cut out for you with the marketing. Using Kim Kardashian and her rockin' booty to sell those bad boys was pretty smart. But let's be honest here. I could wear those shoes for the rest of my life and still look nothing like Kim K. No, I think her butt is more due to not eating and possibly a good deal of surgery. Ditto for Brooke Burke.
But if you duped a bunch of adults that would be OK with me. We're responsible for our own choices, right? What gets me is the fact that you targeted kids. I'm talking about the commercials on Cartoon Network featuring skinny girls wearing your fugly shoes and being followed by boys dressed like cupcakes (which is weird and creepy, btw). What exactly is the message here? Girls, as young as 7, should be worried about toning their tushies and impressing boys?
YourPR guy must be a genius because he says the shoes are a way to combat childhood obesity. You know what won't do a thing to help obese kids? Wearing stupid shoes. If you want to help, worry about teaching your own kids to eat healthy and possibly lay off the video games.
In a world where moms are Botoxing their 8 year olds and buying pushup bikinis for their tweens, these shoes are just one more thing adding to low self esteem and eating disorders in kids.
So, Skecher's Shape Ups guy? Stick to ugly shoes for adults.

Pissed Off Mama of 2 Girls Who Will Never Buy Your Shoes


  1. Um - SO glad I don't have girls. But totally resent my boys being represented as skirt-chasing, out-of-shape bakery items. My 4 year old knows what protein and carbohydrates are. Pretty sure these *bee-yoo-tee-ful* shoes are to childhood obesity as a bandaid is to a bullet hole. Although I can probably market the latter in a less offensive manner. Preach on, cousin... :)

  2. go get 'em girl.- hil

  3. btw - i loved that you used the word "fugly". - hil

  4. All I can say is "I know right...:)"